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Not Useless Body Armor 1.3


Armor sucks at GTA V so i made this mod

What it does?
In regular non modded GTA V there are 5 "tiers" of armor:
1st one is 20 AP(armor points), 2nd one is 40 AP...
This mod adds Armor regeneration to max AP of your tier
So when you buy tier 3 (60AP) armor and get some damage(not loose it completely) you are going to get 60AP back (you can set how much armor you regenerate in what time in .ini)
When you use armor you can still buy higher tier armor to change max armor regen amount

Degradation system
Example: I bought tier 4(80AP) armor, got couple shots in ma chest and my AP is 30, that means I am not going to regen back to my tier max AP but to 40AP(tier 2 amount)
You can disable that in INI

Visible armor
Example: If you get body armor tier above or to set level the body armor will appear at character's body, it wont disappear until you loose your whole armor (you can use degradation or buy better armor, it wont disappear anyway) or only when you die(if set in INI)
It saves character's body armor visibility so it totally works with character switching
You need to get a body armor model, you can install it with my included OIV installer (you still need to download a body armor model (link is in the installer))
or you can just get it by yourself (you can change component or model id in the ini file)
You can disable that in INI

Locational Damage
Getting shot in legs wont take your armor points
You can disable that in INI

Ragdoll when damaged
Losing health will cause player to ragdoll
You can disable that in INI

DEGRADATION = true/false (default:false) - whether degradation system is on/off
VISIBLEARMOR = true/false (default:true) - whether visible armor is on/off
HEALING = true/false (default:true) - whether armor healing is on/off
LOCATIONALDAMAGE = true/false (default:true) - whether locational damage is on/off
RAGDOLLONDAMAGE = true/false (default:true) - whether you ragdoll on damage

PUTOFFARMORONLYWHENDEAD = true/false (default:true) - whether you put off armor only when you are dead or instantly when your armor reaches 0
ARMORPERHEAL = 0-100 (default:3) - how much armor you regen per DELAYPERHEAL
DELAYPERHEAL = 0-any number (1000-1 sec) (default:3000) - dealy between healing armor
DAMAGEDELAY = 0-any number (100-1sec) (default:6000) -dealy applied to armor healing when you get damaged
RUNSHOOTJUMPDELAY = 0-any number (100-1sec) (default:2000) -dealy applied to armor healing when you run/shoot/jump
RAGDOLLCHANCE = 0-10 (1-10%) (default:3) -chance of ragdolling when you get shot
VISIBLEARMORTYPE = 1-5 (1st type is 20armor) (default:3) -what armor type you need to make armor visible
RAGDOLLTIME = 0-any num (1000-1sec)(default:1300) - max ragdoll time when you get shot
RAGDOLLMINIMALTIME = 0-any num (1000-1sec)(default:500) - min ragdoll time when you get shot

settings below [ARMOR] are used when you use your own armor models or something

xCOMPONENTID - component id of armor model for x (Michael/Frank/Trev)
xDRAWABLEID - drawable id of armor model for x (Michael/Frank/Trev)
xCLEARDRAWABLEID = - drawable id without anything in that component id model for x (Michael/Frank/Trev)

Put NotUselessArmor.net.dll and whole Okoniewitz folder into scripts in your GTA V dir. To use visual armor feature follow the installation vid as Im too lazy to explain that

-Parachutes and other models used by the same component id are invisible when using visible armor

1.3: -Mod totally rewritten
-New INI config file
-Bug fixes
-Fixed compability between mod options
-Locational damage feature
-Ragdoll when damaged feature
-Armor regen can be disabled now
-Option to put visible armor off only when you die/get arrested(not the moment when your armor points = 0)
-Running, shooting, losing health will cause armor regen delay
-Visible armor stays even on game/script restart
-Removing config file will cause creating new one

1.2: -Added visible armor
-Some INI changes
-Fixed minor bugs

1.1: Fixed too much regenerated armor bug
-When you set your AP to higher AP but not exact armor tier (1-10,21-39,41-59,61-79,81-99) then you will get next tier (should be no bugs i belive, but you can still use old one using INI)
Example : I cheated armor (I had 20 before) and set it to 55, so my new armor tier is 3 (60AP)
-Some INI changes

Post ur suggestions in comments and someday I may even add it to this mod.

Huge thanks to JulioNib for his retard friendly scripting tutorials.
also thanks to JediJosh920 for pinning hearts to all my comments at his youtube channel LMAO
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