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My Char 0.9.6


0.9.6 Added backpack toggler, this will be saved with the cloth, guns, etc.
*I hope all the loading loop issues are fixed,added new loading screen.
**Added Pistol belt holster
***Added Custom Cameras Views,also Zoom In/Out in front view

0.9.5 I forgot what did here :P

0.9.4 Now weapons are saved with the cloth.
*added body marks, chest hair.
**[Posible fix to people in loading loop].
***Bug sometimes doesn't show loading Screen, but any issue for play.

0.9.3 Minor fix in menu, Fix "ReToggle Cloth" for night vision, Added WristBand And Watch Toggle.

0.9.2 Minor Fix, issue in Tattoo Dictionary error in constructor, duplicate key value.See Last ScreenShot for Tattoo instructions.

0.9.1 Partial Tattoo Support, a bit tricky, look in the last screenshot, will be update.

Thanks to @50CAL for the FeedBack.
I fully made copy of my character I think I can help. Use skin control to set your prefered character then press M to open this scripts menu and save it now you saved characters outfits. Now for the looks of character you need to know values of shape and tones and skin control files doesn't have names on it. I used menyoo to see values of mother&father skin and mother&father shape. After setting those numbers your character almost complete. If you use skin tone between M and F (lets say mother white father black and character is brown) you need to change skin_mix value. Your character will still have hat or watch if you even not use it. TO FIX THAT open config and put -1 value to them.

I was developing this time ago, but i lost all my source code, so i had to start it from scratch again, this is not finished yet.I'll update this post when get some time...

This script allow you to change to Freemode ped automatically when game starts, i upload it now cause a good moder upload this excelent script: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/character-swap
with this script mine gets more sense :P , you have to config the ini manually (this will be update), can use skin control to get the correct values.

Basically in the ini file, you will set the values for the Freemode ped, face, textures, shape, etc.

Feel free to mess around with all the values :D.

*install: Drag and Drop in scripts folder.

*Press M to bring up ped menu.
*Click in the circles to toggle cloth, or in the case to save the cloth.

Requeriments: All common software Updated ^.^.
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