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Modern Wood House Script 1.1




A mere compatibility update. Instead of starting with clearing out the whole house area of peds, I now just remove the peds/staff I actually spawn myself. This will make the script more compatible with the Property Manager, which also spawns its own peds.


Identified an issue where garage doors revert to their original locked state (when the ymap 'refreshes' itself when you're too far off). This is an update to the SCRIPT only! Use the base 1.0 build for the rest. Simply copy the script to Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\WoodenHouse\


First release.


- TV suppport for BigShaqNOKetchup's awesome Modern Wood House;

- Persistence car support for the drive-in garage that comes with the Modern Wood House, sporting 3 cars max;

- Full audio for all doors;

- Proper audio occlusion for the MLO;

- 11 animation groups (for both male and female), for shower, kitchen bar, laptop, fireplace chair, couch, bathtub, steam cabine, bed, compagnion, etc.

- Automated Weather Transition system (configurable)


This Modern Wood House Support mod is meant to run in support of, and alongside the presence of BigShaqNOKetchup's Modern Wood House, at:


In fact, this mod won't do anything when his new Modern Wood House is not loaded.


All ANIMATION groups consist of 4 different male/female setups, with precision-fitting for the following 4 peds:

1) Michael
2) Franklin
3) Trevor
4) Beverly Hills Young Female 2 (my fave)

The positions/animations will be chosen, based on the character you play as. If you play as someone else, option 4) is chosen as default. I may add MP freemode female, at some point.

N.B. Animations come with a brief fade-in, and fade out. The typical smooth enter/exit animations Online provides, rarely, if ever fit. They were custom made to, say, opem a shower door, take a towel off the rack, undress, and start a shower. No third-party interior I know of conforms to the dimensions to not make those enter/exit anims look ueber-silly. So, soft-fade it is.

An animation for the outside bar area proved to be impossiblee. There is simply not enough room between the bar stools and the counter: either your arms would be floating 20 cm above the counter, or the stool would be way up your butt.


I added some minimal, non-obtrusive STAFF: a maid (in the corridor towards the steam cabine/pool), and a bartender in the back. Their presence is also configurable.


I added an Automated WEATHER Transition system, in accordance with Shaq's express artistic preference for this Modern Wood House to be visited on a rainy night. It consists of a 'rain' area, which starts at the stairs up, and encompasses the entire MLO interior, outside walkways and balustrades. When enabled (via a custom menu), walking up to the house will cause the weather and time to gradually transition towards the desired rain environment and hour of day. And vice versa when you leave the house again. The choosable 'end' times are between 9 PM and 5 AM (aka, when lights are turned on inside the house).**

** The time settings are not used when the entire Weather system is tuned off.

Also, there is no longer the need to press 'Pause', to make the raindrops appear on the inside: this is all done automagically now.

The house menu can be opened by pressing Shift-U (but will only work inside aforementioned 'rain' area).


The garage is done is my usual way. See, for instance, https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/malibu-mansion-2-0-support-script#description_tab


TV control is equally done in the usual way.


I went with an easy .OIV install, this time. Last time I didn't, and people were still confused on how to add the audio, and specific files. I know, you hate .OIV files. :) An .OIV file is just a renamed zip file, though, so you can inspect it first, if you want. The. OIV installs everything: from a misconfiguration in the meta data (an undetectable XML error; and yes, that is possible) to all audio occlusion files + door audio; and it also creates the required directories for the script and garages, and sets it all up automagically. No alterations are being made to the user's gameconfig and/or other metadata. And no animals are being harmed in the process, either.

NOTE: The original package requires you to upload extra files to mpapartment (in mods). I added a special override folder to the DLC, which takes care of that. So, if you copied the mpapartment DLC to your mods folder, for the sole purpose of including Shaq's 'extra' files, you can now safely remove it again (but leaving it will do no harm).. Also, this new override folder was necessary, because those 'extra' files conflict with the Map Fixes mod, which, in turn, overrides some of Shaq's 'extra' files (everyone and their dog is fighting over hegemony over load order, these days), resulting in the outer gate being still blocked when Map Fixes is installed.

N.B. Please, excuse the crudity of the video; I'm not a content creator expert, but you'll get the idea: https://youtu.be/NZ7VYtupk-w


ScriptHookVDotNet (at least v3.6.0)

LemonUI: Open Source UI Library (at least v1.9.4) for SHVDN v3

OpenIV 4.1

The official OpenIV site is currently down. If you need to reinstall it, use our temporary link:


.Net 4.8

I should mention I am using the same particle effect for the shower houareyou is using in his Property Manager. It's an efficient one, and not many other produce such a clean and condense stream.
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