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Long Travel Bus Service (ride as passenger)



Private Security Service is now available.

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- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet

OTHER MODS (Optional)

- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Enhanced Metro,
- Limousine Service.
- Private Security Service.


In GTA 5, the majority of players travel by car, legally acquired or requisitioned from a passerby, or by taxi, even if this has a cost, but few are those who think of public transport. It must be said that only the tram is an option accessible in the game as a passenger: the only means of taking the bus are to hold the wheel ... or to climb on the roof.

This mod brings bus service for long travel (as client) to both counties (LS and Blaine county)!
It's also a touristic bus that goes to important touristic places in the two counties.

- Ability to skip to next stop or a specific stop (fast travel),
- Ability to carry bicycle.

Features Premium (extra features of the premium version of my Patreon):
- Bus display in bus stops (shows the name of the bus stop, bus lines with
direction and how many stops left for the bus to come) and in bus (shows the
line with the direction and next stops),
- Show blip in map of the coming bus when in a bus stop,
- Skip Waiting.


This is definitively another version, delete old versions.
Read instruction.txt for installation instructions.

- Changed just some settings to prevent script crash on startup.

- All changes of version 2.1,
- Added Skip Waiting.

- Added skip to a specific stop and not stop by stop.

- all changes of 2.0,
- added (togglable on foot) bus display,
- added coming bus blip in map when next to a bus stop,
- added custom bus display key (not yet in LSBS 2.4.2p),
- improved bus display (not yet in LSBS 2.4.2p).

- rewrote script,
- added ability to skip to next stop (fast travel),
- added ability to carry a bicycle,
- added hint display,
- added bus fare (15 dollars),
- added enable/disable despawn unused buses,
- added enter bus with default enter vehicle key,
- added custom enter key,
- added custom driving style,
- added custom bus speed in the ini file,
- added custom bus stop wait time,
- improved bus stopping,
- added a fix for NullReferenceException script error,
- added respawn bus if it has been exploded or driver is dead,
- fixed script error,
- fixed two buses spawned in the same area (bus flipped),
- fixed clients don't enter bus,
- fixed one client stays on the bus in terminal station,
- fixed npc vehicles hit the bus from behind,
- fixed player enter bus (now just press one time),
- fixed same bus line spawn back to back,
- fixed bus blocked and doesn't move,
- fixed bus moving while in bus stop,
- fixed not all buses are spawned,
- fixed animals enter bus (not yet in LSBS 2.4.2),
- fixed bus blocked in some bus stops (not yet in LSBS 2.4.2),
- fixed bus floating after skiping to next stop (not yet in LSBS 2.4.2),
- fixed path issues,
- fixed bus color (now all buses are white with Dashound livery),
- other fixes.

1.0 beta:
- First release.


- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire,
- t1a2l,
- My supporters from Patreon.


You should try public version of the mod and make sure that it works fine before you decide to get the premium version!

Get premium versions in Patreon.

Mods i'm planning to make:
- Personal Driver Service,
- Personal Pilot,
- John Wick Weapon Sounds (makes weapon sounds like the movie john wick),
- Prison Mod (if the player gets arrested he goes to the prison),
- Valet Parking Service (a vip service).

Mods i'm planing to update:
- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Long Travel Bus Service,
- Los Santos Realistic Taxis,
- Coil Features,
- Fuel Reloaded,
- Police Car Eliminator,
- Los Santos Flight Service.

My discord: WTLS#8221

My Patreon is where to support me: www.patreon.com/WTLS

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: updated.
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