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Character Menu 1.2


CharacterMenu is a mod that allows you to turn into any NPC in the game, and also allows you to change their clothing and features.

You'll have over 500 NPC's to choose from, about 350 of which have customizable options. The 150 or so that don't have any additional options will say [uncustomizable] next to them, and you'll still be able to play as them.

I automated the entire process of scanning through the NPC's and outputting every single one of their items, so you should theoretically have every single possible item of clothing for each character. Even the animals have a few options.

I also threw my own manager in there for keyboard input. The original felt a little unresponsive. This one should be able to type as fast as you can press the keys!

Default Controls
Menu - F3 (Standalone)
Menu - F4 (NativeTrainer Merge)
Up - Numpad 8
Down - Numpad 2
Left - Numpad 4
Right - Numpad 6
Select - Numpad 5
Back - Numpad 0

You can change the controls in the CharacterMenuControls file. It gets generated once you start up the game with the mod installed.

Known Bugs
- You turn back to michael when you die or when you get arrested. If I didn't turn you back, you'd get stuck in an infinite loading loop for some reason. This is part of the reason I implemented a save feature.

- You keep your guns, but you still lose your attachments when switching to another model. Still working on a fix for it.

- Biggest bug by far is that you're unable to do a lot of things that the main characters can do. While playing as an NPC, you won't be able to carry cash, enter any shops besides gas stations, do story missions, or get random events.

It's due to the fact that when you change characters, instead of just putting a different skin on you, it changes your character entirely. When you switch to an NPC, the game is going to treat you exactly like an NPC, which unfortunately means you're going to be limited when it comes to certain activities.

Still working on a fix.

Planned Features
- Named save files and quicksaves

Just drop CharacterMenu.asi or CharacterMenuTrainer.asi into your root GTA V folder and play.


Change Log
- Fixed glitch where possible number of outfits in each slot was doubled after loading a save

- Merged Native Trainer and CharacterMenu into one mod for those who just wanted one trainer. Standalone is still available as well.

- Renamed all NPC's
- Added Hats and Sunglasses
- Fixed Glitch where you lose your guns (mostly)
- Added Unlimited Save Slots
- Manually went through and renamed categories that didn't make sense
- Fixed conflict with endeavour mod menu (I think)
- Fixed glitch where vehicle rockets didn't work anymore

- Added missing models, including the cutscene versions by request

Thanks to Alexander Blade for the script hook. Couldn't have done any of this without it.
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