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Buddy Control 3.1b




(Can be customized in .ini file)

- To open menu Hold "Text to team " button (Pasue > settings > key bindings > GTA Online > and see wich key it is for you (Text chat everyone = "Y" by default).
Hold "BASIC_ACTIONS_MENU (Menu button "Y" by default),
once dot(crosshair) will apear on screen, point it at any human ped and then press "SELECT"(The key you use to answear the phone call "Enter" by default)"(Without taking out the phone).
- To switch menu tire (Basicaly there are 2 tires: Basic / Secondary) ,just hold Phone Extra Button and then follow the instructions. (To see wich key it is, go to your GTA control settings (Pause > Settings > Key bindings / Cellphone and check there "Phone option" button).

How to customize your stupid mods,Hunk :D?

@User: Hunk,I want this setup, what do i change ?
SOME_BUTTON = (i Want my (Blue X) Xbox 360 Button)
SOME_BUTTON2 = (i Want my Left Xbox 360 Shoulder Button)
SOME_BUTTON3 = (i Want my Right Xbox 360 Shoulder Button)
SOME_BUTTON4 = (i Want my (Red B) Xbox 360 Button)
SOME_BUTTON5 = (i Want my (Green A) Xbox 360 Button)

Dear User, Just check in your GTA controller settings wich actions are assigned for these buttons.
For example: "Cance Phone Call" is assigned for "Xbox A" button,so you go in .ini file and check [CONTROL_VAR]
and look for INPUT_CELLPHONE_CANCEL witch have 177 number i belieave,so you set that 177 number to SOME_BUTTON after "=" instead of previous value.


-Have fun with buddy and gain some points to unlock XXX actions (Drive at high speed,let Buddy drive your vehicle,skydive,have party,camp,chat,hug,swim e.t.c);
-Auto-detection buddy in the crowd (Can be disabled in .ini file);
-Date (arrangement) time limit;
-Chat with buddy dynamicly;
-Buddy can drive any car anywhere (set the waypoint on the map) or just follow you in any car whereever you will go;
-Play some scenario (sit,lay,party or any other random);
-Exchange phone numbers and call him/her for a date even after exiting the game;
-Order him to wait or follow;
-Order him to stay in car and guard it (the car will be persisted untill leaving the game;
-Have some adult stuff together in car or on foot with sweating effects and health regeneration;
-Hug and makeout with him/her;

How to install

1.Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
IfruitAddon2.dll(Included in arhive);



Replace all files
-Added personal Buddy for each character;
-Fixed fun points eternal loop while camping;
-Removed "Date" menu type;
-Added iFruitAddon2 support (included in arhive);
-Changed date arrange and control system( All stuff related with date is in players phone contact list);


-Fixed teleportation in Buddy's apartaments issue;
-Locked max level (required level is maxed);
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