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Trevor - Protohipster Clothes Mod 0.4.5


Trevor - Protohipster Clothes Mod
Autor: Maxim Gorbanev (aka The_Pianist 2dot0)

Version (update)
Exclusive for GTAV-mods.com
Special thanks to "3Doomer" for made awesome GIMS EVO V, without him and his program it never hadn't be to implement.


BEFORE install this mod, make a backup files of folders "player_two" and "player_two_p".

"player_two" folder located in \Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\
"player_two_p" folder located in
\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\

!!!!! CAUTION !!!!!

1) Any custom model in this archive are the property by Maxim Gorbanev (The_Pianist 2dot0)
and u have NOT any permission to used this model as reupload to any other sites as well as for commercial sales (if u want
- make your own or if u want exactly one of those model to commercial ask me for license).
2) Regarding edited and applied vanilla GTA's model that I'm done - the same don't reupload to any external sites and before used it in ur own mods ask me for permission.
3) Take care about other players that also want to download this mod.
4) Respect other peoples job!

Rewards info

If you like my mods, you able and, ofcase, if have wish for donation, i'll be very appreciate.

Paypal maxim_TM88@mail.ru

Change Log in 0.4.5
(first part what newest to previous version, than all others remade stuff)

Part 1 (newest)
A// (Uppr_028) Added new sweater from Davin West with all variety to textures (replace Trevor's default sweater)
B// (Uppr_013) Added Jeans jacket with turtleneck instead Trevor's Dress (unfortunately Trevor's tattoos overlapping this jacket, idk why it's on the model itself, not in materials so idk how to slowed that)
C// (p_head_026) Added baseball cap instead of the standard caps.
D// (p_head_015) Added beige and brown hat instead of a mask of a pig
E// (p_head_018) Added a gas mask from dlc_heist instead of a hockey mask
F// (feet_019) Little rebuild model of custom moccasins
G// (feet_005) Materials effect and texture for custom boots from lowr_022 (instead working boots) was reviewed and rebuild also.
H// (uppr_000) Added few variety to T-shirts textures
I// (lowr_022) Added Jeans from mp (Bikers jeans) with classic sneakers instead trunks with boots
J// (lowr_023) As jeans from mp was moved to another model - has been installed Trevor's working pants (lowr_017) sand color instead Trevor's sweatpnats (default pants)
K// (lowr_000) Has been changed textures to "default jeans fixed with belt"
L// (Feet_000) Two textures fro custom derby boots has been changed (in the future - if i will have time I remade the model itself)
M// Added Converse with cage (to feet_007) and some other white sneakers (needles has been removed) to feet_002
N// (bread_002) Added Bred like "priest" as like Franklin have
O// (Feet_013) Added army desert boots (part of outfit Ludendorff or so)
P// (Feet_011) Added 2nd moccasins from ped "cop_undercover" from dlc_heist to chestnut boots (cut movie where Trevor meet cop to make deal with drugs)

Part 2 (other remade stuff versus original/default)

A// (lowr_000) Default Trevor's hipster jeans has been fixed - now it have normal length, belt and textures resolution with 2K pixels.
B// (lowr_018) Cargo Pants textures has been remade to 2K pixels and from few text. color of boots has been changed too.
C// (Feet_000) Custom Derby boots with brogue instead Trevor's shifty slim boots
D// (Feet_005 and Feet_011) Awesome Brown boots (was remade from boots with trunks (lowr_022)) instead Trevor's huge working boots.
E// (Feet_019) custom moccasins instead default shitty loafers
F// (feet_020) sneakers from GTA online instead sport looks like shoes
G// (accs_000_u) new Aviators watches instead Trevor calculator's watches
H// (uppr_022) added black leather jacket texture
I// (uppr_019) added two new textures of shirt

Textures and different model options
If you in someone reasons disliked textures that am i selected as default u can download custom textures pack for few available model
"Brown boots from lowr_022 texture pack"
"Default jeans with fixed length texture pack"
"Trevor Biker Jeans and Textures Pack 2.0"


using OpenIV enable edit mode than goes to "Tools" button on the toolbar/press "Package Installer"
/select file "Trevor - Protohipser clothes mod 0.4.5"/ and chose as option
a) to main directory
b) or to folder "MODS" (STRONGLY recommended to use this option, just in case to backup files from original archive x64v.rpf)

Keep out for possible updates.
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