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The Dark Knight Rises W/Cloth 2.0


Before I Start the Description I want to say one thing and pleas people im begging you everyone whos reading it WATCH THE TRAILER we planted on you guys seeing the trailer before, the realise but gta5mods deny it and my friend worked really hard on that so please it's like a 3 2 min video at least give it a view just a moment of your time, it will be here in the page you will see it. thank you

so this is a dark knight rises pack for those who have seen the movie you know what that is if not I suggest you watch it.

anyways the dark knight suit is one of my favorite batsuit, I really don't know why, but a lot of people are telling me that "why it's not looking good the classic gray and black is batter" I defiantly agree, is just me I really don't know why but I just like it, so its started with bales batman and him only, and I wanted to make it as perfect as I can, thanks to fuuma we did got it that way
im proud of how it looks there may be some problem in the legs area but thats how the model is so I don't think we can do anything about that, but I berly paid attention to it im hoping you will too, of course, it has cloth as always and yeah after we finished it, my friend andro asked me if he can make a trailer for it I was like yeah sure go head would be cool, then I figured while is making a trailer lets do something else in a meantime, and thats how it started I started to work on that amyzing bane model that as made by roguegiant Rarefacer I tried to add it a jacket now it may sound esay but it really wasent it took some time but then we got it, then I saw that anne hathaway model with a catwoman suit, now it wasent similer to the movie suit so I just made some photoshop which took time too but I finished it and it looks damn good. that's it enjoy guys and pleas check the trailer. it will mean a lot for us.

Bane jacket.
Christian bale batman.
Anne Hathaway Catwoman.
and themadbraker Batcave with dark knight style.

big thanks too:
first one is fuumasage non if it would happen if not for him.
second is my friend andro which is also YOUCANTEAM FILM for making that incredible trailer.
and the last one to roguegiant Rarefacer for first making that bane model which looks really good, and for allowing me to upload it with the jacket version that we did if you want the no jacket bane, go to the link below.

alright thanks for everyone for all the nice comments on keton batman, and i hope you will like this one as well enjoy and pleas check the trailer out.

a riddle for what's next -
so again riddler has another riddle, for what's next right down here-

" I've Done Many Voices, But This One Is One Of A Kind Its A Game But Also A Movie, That Closed The Line" Who am I......

oh well, that harder then the last time, for batman fans you will know what it is :) for next time enjoy the pack.

2.0- added new cloth option that my good friend, made which he's gonna stick around here making stuff as well big thanks to- SatanicVersus.

install - in the files.
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