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Ped Fixes 1.3 (dlc install)



This mod brings some fixes and some enhancements for a few of the vanilla ped models:

  • changed the 'lat' part of the model to a 2nd 'bla', to get around the random voice issue (since there is no voice pack for the lat version)
  • added a vest and corresponding utility belt
  • made the wristwatch optional
  • badge now uses the silver & gold texture
  • modified the badge for the hat, and it now shows CITY OF LOS SANTOS and some of the city seal
  • the nameplate will now show a few names for each of the whi/bla/lat models
  • some minor model refinements
  • added a version of the vest & utility belt that was done for the male model
  • made the textures for the female clothes a closer match to the male counterparts
  • made the wristwatch/bracelet optional, and also added a digital watch to the props
  • added versions of the reflective glasses and glasses on forehead from the s_m_y_cop_01 props
  • also added the modified hat badge to the s_f_y_cop_01 hat
  • nameplate has a few names like the male ones, and added the rank decals from s_m_y_cop_01
  • a few model refinements
  • changed the 'lat'& 'bla' parts of the model to 'whi' to fix the random voice issue
  • made a few small adjustments to the model's weights (the police decal on chest & the waist belt)
  • added a 2nd helmet + goggles to the prop file, one with the goggles down/over the eyes
  • the ymt file was set so that the model only spawns with the 'POLICE' decal
  • refinements to all the outfits
  • added mp t-shirt & new jbib, mp walking boots, and an ear piece
  • added the s_m_y_blackops_01 vest/gun hold, and gun/leg holster for the tactical Karen look
  • added a few pairs of glasses and watches for the props
  • id card now shows a 'Karen Daniels' signature
  • fixed/optimized the head/neck/wrist seams of the bikini model
  • also added some breast weights for the bikini model, and an extra American flag texture
  • combined all of the karen_daniels parts for a new ig_michelle model
  • hair position adjusted to match that of the cutscene version, skirt/leg weights adjusted, sweater adjusted for skirt, other small refinements
  • ymt file updated for heel sound
  • ped was rebuilt using the s_f_y_bartender_01 model as a base, keeping both whi and bla parts (now set as a 2nd whi)
  • all bevhills_01 parts were swapped over, and a few more textures where added for the clothes
  • heels are now separate (to feet), boots can now go with the jeans and the bartender legs
  • jewelery is now set to teef, and the bevhills_01 props where adjusted for the s_f_y_bartender_01 heads
  • heels are now separate from lowrs (to feet), and added a second set of heels
  • necklace, bracelets now optional
  • added more texture/color sets for the outfits
  • refinements, and added a third hair style
  • adapted the 2nd clothing top from the x64v version of the model
  • added a few extra textures for the hairs, bikinis and tops
  • some neck seam fixes, and minor model refinements
  • a complete rework, with upgraded eyes/hands/teeth (from the a_f_y_vinewood_02 model)
  • now has facial animations, and a proper spec map for the head
  • more clothing options to go along with the default suit set
  • extra props such as glasses, watches, etc.
  • changed parts that where labeled 'chi' to 'kor' to fix random voice issue
  • watch/bracelet now optional, plus a few minor refinements to the model
  • fixed legs clipping through skirt when walking, other model refinements
  • a few small refinements, modified the uppr0 normal maps to remove a pendant imprint that wasn't part of the final model
  • jewelery and scarf are now optional, adjusted the neck seam normals, and a few other bits and refinements
  • a ymt fix for an issue where the dress top would spawn without the bottom part in certain scenarios (such as sitting)
  • adapted in tshirt (from g_f_importexport_01) & jeans (a_f_y_genhot_01) along with a few textures, also made the shoes separate (as feet)
  • swapped the face part of the head0 normal map with the correct one from a_f_y_fitness_01
  • fixed some of the accs/sweater clipping, added the armband with media player/earbuds from a_f_y_fitness_02
  • a .ymt update so accs/sweater doesn't spawn in along with the sweater uppr
  • added a couple more textures for the props/glasses, and a watch
  • refined the accs/sweater and uppr/shirt weights, also updated the .ymt file so the accs/sweater doesn't spawn in along with the sweater uppr
  • a few other refinements
  • a minor rework - added more parts for the body, a couple more outfits & extra textures, and some props
 u_f_y_lauren & u_f_y_taylor:
  • necklace/beads & shirt decals now optional, added the canvas & mp shoes to both, plus extra textures and some model refinements
  • also added a fixed hair (for without the hat) for u_f_y_taylor, and also flip-flops
 g_f_y_families_01 & g_f_y_ballas_01:
  • fixes for the jbib/undershirts clipping thru jacket, and pants clipping thru shirt on the g_f_y_families_01 model
  • some minor refinements for both models
  • fixed the hair weights, accs/chain is now optional, as well as the hair
  • fixed a bit of the neck seam weights, plus a few uppr refinements
  • only some minor model refinements
  • a few refinements, shoes are separate and can now go with the leggings, added some more textures
  • fixed a bit of the shirts clipping over the back of the pants
  • fan on chest and wristwatch now optional, added a pants+shoes lowr, other small refinements

miscellaneous fixes:

a_f_y_fitness_02: a .ymt update so the accs0/media player+earbuds doesn't spawn in along with the sweater uppr
a_f_o_soucent_02: a .ymt fix for an issue where a prop/hat was spawning in sometimes over the hair003/cap combo
a_m_y_stwhi_01: a .ymt fix for an issue where a prop/hat was spawning in sometimes with the hairs

changes for ver 1.1
  • the ped model files are now contained in a dlc package
  • small adjustment to the g_f_y_families_01 .ymt file
  • small adjustment to the a_f_y_bevhills_01 .ymt and a_f_y_bevhills_04 .ymt file
  • added a_f_y_hipster_04.ydd - a fix for the legs/rear clipping through the skirt, and a_f_y_hipster_04.ymt, to a fix an issue where a prop/hat was spawning in with the hair/beanie
  • some minor texture touch-ups for u_f_y_mistress.ytd and a_f_y_topless_01.ytd
  • added the a_f_y_hipster_02 ped, with a fix for an uppr0 forearm issue, some weight adjustments, and refinements

changes for ver 1.2
  • further refinements for the a_f_m_business_02, a_f_m_tourist_01, a_f_y_bevhills_01, a_f_y_bevhills_04, a_f_y_hipster_02, a_f_y_runner_01, a_f_y_vinewood_04, u_f_y_jewelass_01, and u_f_y_mistress peds
  • for ig_molly - swapped the lowr_001 skirt part with the cs version, and added the cloth simulation for it, and a few other refinemnts for the model
  • added a_f_m_ktown_02 (changed from 'chi' to 'kor' to fix random voice issue, other refinements)
  • added a_f_y_business_02 (replaced hair2 w/ afmbeach hair/bun, swapped out previous hair normals with the correct ones, model refinements)
  • added a_m_y_business_03 (minor refinements, ymt update to color match the up0 textures with the lw0 texts)
  • added a_m_y_vinewood_04 (waist refinements, bracelets/watch now optional)
  • added s_m_m_migrant_01 (a fix for the head/neck clipping through shirt collars)
  • added s_m_m_postal_01 (a fix for the gap in the front between the shirt and the pants)
  • added a_f_y_tourist_01 (couple more lowr variations with flip-flops and shoes, scarf-on-side now optional, leg normal & spec map improved)
  • prop updates for a_f_y_eastsa_03, a_f_y_hipster_02, a_f_y_fitness_01, u_f_y_jewelass_01, and u_f_y_mistress

Also have included fixes for the many ped prop files that contain glasses with mismatched tints:


as well as a few adjustments:

a_m_y_hipster_02_p (same as s_m_y_shop_mask)
s_m_y_shop_mask_p (same as a_m_y_hipster_02)

changes for ver 1.2b
  • adjusted the head_000 specmap for a_f_y_vinewood_04, to fix an issue where the model's hands would turn dark when wet
  • also did the same for the a_m_y_soucent_01 (head_000 & head_001, and also a little of uppr_001) and a_m_y_soucent_02 (head_000) peds, and added their .ytd files
  • fixed an incorrect setting in the a_f_y_eastsa_02_p.ydd file (for the p_rwrist_000 prop)

changes for ver 1.2c
  • for a_f_y_bevhills_04: some small adjustments to the necklace weights, hair_002, and lowr_000
  • for a_f_y_bevhills_01: a few small refinements to hair_000 and hair_001
  • fixed an issue with the a_f_y_bevhills_01_p, a_f_y_eastsa_02_p, a_f_y_runner_01_p, ig_michelle_p, s_f_y_cop_01_p, s_m_y_cop_01_p, and s_m_y_swat_01_p prop files included previously, where the shadows made by the props had the incorrect orientation
  • a ytd & ymt fix for the a_f_y_clubcust_04 ped (to remove a lowr_000 dress texture that had no correseponding uppr_000 match)
  • for s_m_y_cop_01: a small adjustment to the watch

what's new for ver 1.3
  • for a_f_y_tourist_01: a few small refinements to the model, and added a prop file update for an adjustment with the glasses
  • for igmolly: a fix for the hands/wrist parts clipping through the uppr_001/sweater part
  • for a_f_m_tourist_01: a fix for the uppr_000/shirt part clipping a bit with the lowrs when sitting
  • for u_f_y_mistress: some refinements to the legs/shorts parts, and a few adjustments to the finger weights
  • for a_f_y_eastsa_03: an update to correct the position of the accs_001/bracelet on the arm, and a .ymt file update to include a flag that prevents the accs_001/bracelet from spawning along with the uppr_000/flannel part
  • added a fix for the a_m_y_runner_01 ped to correct an issue with the uppr_000 part clipping a bit with the lowr_001 part
  • added a ymt update for the a_f_y_eastsa_01 ped to fix an issue where a decal for the uppr_001/hoodie was also spawning with the uppr_000/t-shirt
  • added a prop update for the g_m_y_salvagoon_01 ped that corrects the texture names for the bandanna & cap, which was causing them to not spawn properly
  • added a_f_y_vinewood_02: the hairs for the model have been changed out for the a_f_y_hipster_01 versions (as a workaround for the previous ones being too dark in certain instances), also made the watch/bracelet from uppr_001 separate (to accs), and a .ymt file update to include a fix for the lowr_001 heel sound
  • added a_f_y_vinewood_01: a fix for the hair_001/ponytail clipping through the back of the shirts, some model refinements, and a new prop set that includes a couple of hats, glasses, watches, and a bracelet
  • added u_f_y_beth: a fix to correct an issue with the right hand not having the proper bone weights, also added the parts for a second outfit (shorts, mp shirt, and canvas shoes)


For the manual version, see the readme in that archive for the full install instructions.

To install the updated dlc version just copy the ffpedfix folder in the archive to \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks, and add <Item>dlcpacks:/ffpedfix/</Item> to the \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml

The included popgrpadd.oiv can add the spawning locations for the g_f_y_families_01, g_f_y_ballas_01, a_m_m_salton_03, a_m_m_salton_04, and u_f_y_jewelass_01 peds automatically to the popgroups.ymt file through OpenIV, if they haven't been added already.

Or, to add them manually: in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\popgroups.ymt -

add these to <Name>Salton</Name>:

    <Variations type="NULL"/>
    <Variations type="NULL"/>

add this to <Name>Strawberry_SC</Name> and <Name>Chamberlain_SC</Name>:

    <Variations type="NULL"/>

this to <Name>Davis_SC</Name>:

    <Variations type="NULL"/>

and this to <Name>LSA_StreetGeneral</Name> and <Name>Club_Nighttime</Name>:

    <Variations type="NULL"/>

The peds.ymt file (located here: \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\peds.ymt) has to be edited for a few of the models.

If your peds.ymt hasn't been edited/decrypted before, you can open the file in OpenIV, then in top right click Export and then click Export plain text. Then you can replace the .ymt in OpenIV with the exported peds.txt file and edit the file through OpenIV without it crashing.

For ig_karen_daniels/ig_michelle - to add the props, and to add the Karen voice:

  under <Name>IG_Michelle</Name> -

  change <PropsName>null</PropsName>  to: <PropsName>IG_Michelle_p</PropsName>
  change <PedVoiceGroup>SILENT_PVG</PedVoiceGroup>   to: <PedVoiceGroup>KAREN_PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For a_f_y_bevhills_01 - for the heels to work properly:

  under <Name>A_F_Y_BevHills_01</Name> - change these lines:


For a_f_y_topless_01 - to avoid a random voice issue with the ped:

 under <Name>A_F_Y_Topless_01</Name> - change <PedVoiceGroup>A_F_Y_FITNESS_01_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>
 to: <PedVoiceGroup>A_F_Y_FITNESS_02_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For u_f_y_jewelass_01 - to add props, and to also add a voice for the model:

  under <Name>U_F_Y_JewelAss_01</Name> -
  change <PropsName>null</PropsName>  to: <PropsName>U_F_Y_JewelAss_01_p</PropsName>
change <PedVoiceGroup>SILENT_PVG</PedVoiceGroup> to: <PedVoiceGroup>A_F_Y_BUSINESS_03_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For u_f_y_mistress - to add props and add a voice for the model:

  under <Name>U_F_Y_Mistress</Name> -
   change <PropsName>null</PropsName>  to: <PropsName>U_F_Y_Mistress_p</PropsName>
   change <PedVoiceGroup>SILENT_PVG</PedVoiceGroup>  to: <PedVoiceGroup>KIDNAPPEDFEMALE_PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For a_m_m_salton_03 & a_m_m_salton_04 - to avoid the random voice issue for the peds:

  under <Name>A_M_M_Salton_03</Name> - change <PedVoiceGroup>A_M_M_SALTON_01_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>  to: <PedVoiceGroup>A_M_M_SouCent_02_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>
  and under <Name>A_M_M_Salton_04</Name> - change <PedVoiceGroup>A_M_M_SALTON_01_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>  to: <PedVoiceGroup>A_M_Y_GENSTREET_02_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For g_m_m_armgoon_01 - to avoid the random voice issue for the ped:

under <Name>G_M_M_ArmGoon_01</Name> - change <PedVoiceGroup>GANG_MEXGOON_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>  to: <PedVoiceGroup>ArmLieut_01_R2PVG</PedVoiceGroup>

For a_f_y_tourist_01 - to have a normal walk style:

under <Name>A_F_Y_Tourist_01</Name> - change <MovementClipSet>MOVE_F@HEELS@D</MovementClipSet>  to: <MovementClipSet>MOVE_F@GENERIC</MovementClipSet>

For the a_f_m_ktown peds - to add a couple more walking styles:

  under <Name>A_F_M_KTown_01</Name> and <Name>A_F_M_KTown_02</Name> -

  change this:

  to these:

For a_f_y_vinewood_01 - to activate the new props for the model:

under <Name>A_F_Y_Vinewood_01</Name> - change <PropsName>null</PropsName>  to: <PropsName>A_F_Y_Vinewood_01_p</PropsName>
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