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Dukes Of Hazzard Overhaul Package for OhiOcinu's '69 Charger 1.0


"The General Lee" is a fictional vehicle made by Warner Bros, for the television program "The Dukes Of Hazzard" WARNING: This video game modification is a near 1:1 recreation of "The General Lee" and as such contains decals that could be considered offensive to some. The harmful associations/connotations that these symbols carry in no way reflects opinions or beliefs held by myself, or anyone involved. Those connotations also in no way translate to any content reflected in the aforementioned television program that
this modification is based off of as no discriminatory or racist themes were ever present in the show itself, or held by anyone featured in it's production.

Please respect that this is a fan adaptation of a design, and in no way a declaration or statement of beliefs or fundamentals
and that I in no way, support any of the associations these symbols stand/stood for. I just really like famous cars and care a lot about detail.

(And if you're someone who is upset that I included a disclaimer, please be respectful. I just want everyone to be civil.)
Note: the 'Roof flag' decal has been blurred for pseudo-censorship, but is not 'censored' in game, as can be seen in the 6th photo.

Version 1.0
This is an aesthetic overhaul package for the 1969 Dodge Charger uploaded by OhiOcinu, adding optional liveries and details to create the "General Lee" from The Dukes of Hazzard, including 2 different liveries, a dixie horn sound mod, and custom license plate addons. The model can be downloaded here:

OhiOcinu's is by far the best Charger that's been made for this game, and I wanted to tackle creating my own livery set for it after not seeing many on this site. I'm super obsessed with detail, so I spent a good chunk of time working on all of this, so I hope everyone likes it.

Currently the only bug is that with certain trainers, the added license plate doesn't register as anything other than a duplicate of the North Yankton Plate, but it will still read the additional plates and will save to the car correctly, no matter which plate you use.

Install Instructions:
It's pretty straightforward.
Once downloaded, each folder contains instructions on how to install and manage each piece. It gets pretty involved here and there, so just read carefully and !!BACK UP YOUR FILES!! There are also some "Easy Install" options, which is the best way to go, but it's able to be customized with some custom install instructions.
If there are any questions, feel free to comment and I'll try to respond to each one that I can.

Other Recommendations:
If you want the Charger to sound more like a charger, use Legacy-DMC's 'V8 Hemi' sound mod.

((Other Credits:
- Roof flag decal has been borrowed, repurposed and modified from gtavjamal's own decal set for the same model, under general permission. Other decals and plates are original and produced by me.
Link for gtavjamal's decal set below:

-Letters for California-era livery were based off an existing livery for a different model, used only for reference.
Link for that livery below:
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