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Have you noticed that when you go to the beach in gta 5 and get in the water you don't see that much sea life, specially Dolphins, unless you go real far and deep and even then sometimes they don't even show up. Well, this simple mod fixes all that. Now when you go to the beach you don't have to swim that far out to see dolphins. With this simple mod you'll definitely see more dolphins closer to the shore and more sea life. Note: For best results and better chance to see the dolphins around you, swim until it starts to get deep and float around for about 10-20 seconds, you'll begin to see a lot of dolphins come close to you and gather around.


* Script Hook V 1.0.1868.4: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v


1. Open "Package Installer" in OpenIV and find where you downloaded the mod to

2. Install "Dolphins.oiv". DONE

3. If you wish to uninstall it use the "Uninstall.oiv" and it will restore the modified file to the original.


If you like Sharks more than Dolphins and would like to see more sharks swimming around, I will be uploading another mod like this one very soon which increases the amount of sharks at the beach. Instead of dolphins you will see more sharks at the shore. That one is coming soon!!


If you liked this mod or any mods I've uploaded here and feel generous to donate a little bit feel free to do so. Donations DO HELP A LOT! A small donation definitely goes a long way and will definitely motivate me even more and spend even more time on developing interesting mods for gta5. I don't have a Patreon account but, you can donate at my PayPal link above. Thank You!
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