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The Guffy Problem (Mission Maker) 2.0


The Guffy Problem: Part 2 is now available for download!

Stefanie's Outfits Menyoo Presets

Los Santos is stuffed with scumbags, we already know that. But when a certain scumbag threatens to take Solomon Richards' movie studio by force, Solomon calls Michael for help.

Michael already saved the studio once, how hard can it be doing it again?


Mission Maker

Claude Speed 3.9 and 5.9 (or later)

Latest Scripthook

Scripthook .Net

Highly suggested mods to use alongside:

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

Score Controller (With this you can control the ingame music so you can play whatever track you like during a mission)

Heists Music Over Lowriders Music (With this you'll be able to play GTA Online Heists Music through Score Controller instead of the Lowriders Music. Features Apartment Heists, The Casino Heist and 2 Single Player Tracks.)

Don't Writhe! (With this NPCs will not go in a "bleeding out" status)

Installation steps are included in a readme text file with the mod.


-6 brand new missions with highly improved level design and even more varied than the Another Doomsday Scenario missions.

-1 bonus level featuring... a chicken!

-While being a new storyline, the story takes place shortly after the events of Another Doomsday Scenario. The story is presented through text messages and the mission's description.

-Preset weapon loadouts with more weapon pickups usually scattered around the mission.

-Returning characters from GTA V, GTA: Online and another "certain GTA game".

-A ton of references and easter eggs.


Added a "Playable Teaser" mission for "The Guffy Problem Part 2".
Added some teaser screenshots for "The Guffy Problem Part 2".
Added video walkthroughs of the main storyline.

Fixed a typo in the bonus mission.

Initial Release.

Cut Features:

-Enemy appearance variety: Originally, enemies would have multiple clothing variations and there were also male enemies. Constantly changing the enemy's gender and clothing proved to be extremely time consuming so I simplified their appearance variety in each mission and stuck with female enemies to make up for their absence in GTA V's missions.

-Claude being mute: During playtesting, I noticed that if Claude was to remain silent, his character would appear out of place and awkward since everyone else was talking. Having Claude speak, while not lore-friendly, allows for some interesting dialogue and references.

-Stefanie's better appearance: Due to Mission Maker's limitations, Stefanie was forced to wear a mask to avoid the ugly default face model. Originally, she would feature my Online character's face.

-Guffy's friend assassination: Prior to the finale, there was an entire mission based on taking out a buddy of Guffy. The mission turned out to be a chore to play, the location was not a good combat area and the character itself didn't fit in the story, it felt shoved in the last second. The train also played a big role in the mission.

-1st mission being longer: Some players will notice that the first mission is a lot shorter when compared to the rest. In the beta, there was a third cut character called Daniel that had to be picked up but it dragged the mission for too long so I cut that segment entirely. Daniel was also an online character storywise, just like Stefanie.
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