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Custom Xbox Controller Config

46db12 slap 360
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Custom xbox config removes all the annoying extra buttons and leaves just the controls you need to play.

- No more accidentally recording because of button mashing and all buttons rearranged for maximum comfort.
- R3 button has been left unassigned for use with Joy To Keyboard programs enabling quick shortcut to your favorite mod, for example I have my R3 linked to fly at anytime.
- Aiming is L1 because of the best config for shooting while driving requires alot of buttons to be pressed at once. Having aiming on L2 prevents having brake as L2, well it doesn't but then that means you can't do drive by shootings as brake and aim are the same button. Either aim as L2 and brake or opposite, but not both.
- Also X, B, and A are currently not assigned in car as I use these with other mods to shift up and down my gears. If anyone has noticed a game feature I have not included I can update these buttons for driving.

To install drag all files to update/common/data/control

Car Controls
L1 - Aim
L2 - Hand Brake
L3 - Special Ability
R1 - Shoot While Aiming / Phone
R2 - Gas
R3 - Unasssigned
A - Unassigned
B - Unassigned
X - Unassigned
Y - Enter/Exit Car
Dpad Up - Next Weapon
Dpad Right - Headlights / Roof
DPad Down - Switch Characters
Dpad Left - Next Radio / Hold For Radio Wheel
Select - Cycle Camera

Walk Controls
L1 - Aim
L2 - Take Cover
L3 - Special Abilty
R1 - Phone
R2 - Shoot
R3 - Unassigned
A - Run / Zoom Out Sniper
B - Reload gun / Punch
X - Jump
Y - Enter / Exit Car / Zoom In Sniper
Dpad Up - Equip Weapon / Hold For Weapon Wheel
Dpad Right - Unassigned
DPad Down - Switch Character
Dpad Left - Unassigned / Radio If Mobile Radio is Enabled
Select - Cycle Camera
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