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Blood and bigger explosions overhaul, better weapon fx 1.5


update v1.5 explosionfx.dat and explosion.ymt have been updated with new items from gunrunning dlc. if you have version 1.0 installed already you only need to replace explosionfx.dat and explosion.ymt. Fires from the explosions
should now last longer.
have included a slightly smaller explosion radius as well since a couple people wanted slightly smaller explosions. explosions smaller is slightly less radius then v1 explosion radius so maybe 20-25% less radius/size.

This mod will add more blood to the game. Depending on the blood mod textures you use your blood pools will be even bigger then mine are in the screenshots. I have made 1 blood mist texture for now to go alongside the dat files that increase blood.
The explosions for all things are now bigger wider and have more of a shockwave to them compared to vanilla. I have included different versions of the blood and explosions to suit your tastes.
Weapon fx are bigger then vanilla and i have added more materials that the guns can shoot through. Smoke grenades and gas canisters have more of an area effect so they are more effective now. Also have changed the fire stats so they burn longer on a couple materials.

In case of crashes or stutters from explosions being to big go to your gameconfig and go down to line 398 and increase the value by 250. now go down to lines 759 and 760 change the values to 450. And line 763 to 3000. try that and it should work better.

I recommend using either one of these two mods below for better fire textures. Only use their fire and smoke textures aka the core.ypt ant ptfx files otherwise your explosions, blood, fire etc wont look like mine.




The video shows the increased blood and explosions. I have another mod that will be uploaded separately that has 4 to 5x more bullets in each clip for all guns etc its a gun overhaul. You will notice the shotguns send people flying back further that is part of another mod of mine and isnt part of this mod incase you only want the blood, explosions, fires, and more materials that the bullets pass through.

My weapons overhaul will be out today or tomorrow. At by friday or saturday i will have my billboards mod up as well to replace the boring vanilla billboards.
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